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Growing companies with increasing customer bases often face a rapid rise in customer queries that soon become overwhelming. In order to cater to those needs, companies often have to spend substantial amounts of money to handle the recruitment, training and equipping of customer service agents, and that's only if they have the space available.

PLAN C ICT is here to alleviate the hassles with the following range of services: 

Contact Center Management

We take pride in knowing how best we can support your customers via the OmniChannel strategy – creating a multi-channel approach where the customer has access to kiosks, online chat, email, help lines and more.

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Human Resource Management

Robust resource planning and retention mechanisms to ensure business continuity – We come with a track record of low turnover rates as well as a great people development & retention strategy.


IT Management Services

Our IT Management services covers industries such as Banking, Retail, Governmental as well as Commercial Businesses and Communication channels. The services offered are as follows:


App & Web Development

Need a mobile app or a website that takes your business to the next level? Plan C ICT will help you get there without the headaches or emptying your bank account.

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